AetherBody - Visual Lexicon: Arms


I want to focus on the arms because they are one of the most variant portions of the anatomy I've seen. Looking at all the portraits I have drawn and sensing this unique portion of the subtle body, I've draw a few of my own conclusions about them. These conclusions are always being revised and reassessed as I discover more, but there are a few things I have come to expect. The subtle body arm is one of the most malleable parts of the system. They change, and frequently change with the needs of the body. I find that those who work with their hands have adapted their energy to aid in whatever work they perform regularly. The connection point into the torso can, at times, seem disjointed or disconnected. This disconnection is simply part of the adaption process, I believe. So lets dive in and take a closer look at some of these arms.



Arm Type: Dexterous Fingers

There are many who have long, spindly looking fingers. The arm is a series of several main channels, often gliding along the anatomy of one's body. The purpose I find with this sort of arm is one that lends itself to working with the hands in all manner of delicate work. Delicate can mean many things from simply typing and working with computers a lot to masseuse level work. The long, spindling fingers give the person the ability to target specific spots with whatever they are working with effectively. Mundane, everyday work such as desk jobs might influence the shape to closer mimic the shape of the hand in this way. 

The above image has points of light hovering over the 'palm' of the energetic hands. These anchor points are smaller energy centers that help manage the complex actions of the subtle fingers. Sensing via touch, these points help maintain the flow of information and can allow a person to sense without physically touching as well. The points rotate around the hand. An example of how these smaller centers work is watching someone hover their hand over an object or person. The energy center typically rotates around to the general area of the physical palm. It is my understanding that people who experience clairtangency (the ability to pick up psychic information via physical touch) can touch or hover over what they are reading. The subtle body swings the energy point around to interface with it and transmit information this way. Clairtangency also means that the arms are typically far more built and strong because of this use.

The arm as a whole connects up at the shoulder area, just as we might expect. In the above pictures you might notice the channels seem to spike out or fray in places while the others split and then mingle into the torso. The fraying or spikes seems to be part of a protective system. Energy collected from the hands moves up the arm and portions of unnecessary energy are released before it can enter into the torso. Imagine if you energetically touched something we will liken to dirt. That dirt wouldn't be great if it traveled into the center of your body and the venting portions of the arm easily release that out and away from being cycled into the main body of the energetic form. The channels in the case of the portrait above, part into a loose tangle of channels that merge into the torso. This tells me that our example doesn't use their arms for intense sensing work and has adapted to prevent blockages. With several, smaller channels, it means the energy can move more effectively in the event that some of the dirt clogged a single channel. The others still maintain their flow until the body can clear the blockage. 



Arm Type: Mismatched and Bladed

Hmm. How unusual. It seems one of the arms looks like a sharp, blade type appendage. The other seems more or less like a dexterous hand like we saw above. Surprisingly, this is also more in the normal for my portraits. The bladed hand functions as a blade energetically in that it can slice through energetic forms, puncture into difficult energies, and generally look threatening. The mismatched nature of the hands means the client is a multipurpose sort of individual with the capabilities of doing complex work energetically.

Bladed hands have some really powerful and useful purposes. One that comes to mind is cutting connections. Every time we meet someone, even in passing, a connection can form. They typically start off as small threads and can grow into dense and powerful cords. The barista at your local coffee shop, for instance, might have a tiny thread connected to you that will fade and cease with the passing of the week. A parent or spouse, in contrast, will have a complicated and densely packed cord. Emotions and thoughts can race down these cords. It might be why you know who is about to call before the phone rings, but what if you have a connection to someone who is a toxic individual? A bad influence? A bladed hand, with intention and will behind it, could cut that connection. I find it necessary to warn against willy nilly connection cutting, however. If you happen to book a reading and find you have a bladed hand, do not go forth and start swashbuckling and cutting cords. It can be damaging and should be done with lots of thought and consultation with those who may know better what they are doing. In other words, please proceed with the utmost caution.

Bladed hands are not innately dangerous. You don't need worry about stabbing someone's energy form by shaking hands. The blades take will and conscious desire to function as blades in the capacity to actually slice through energy. In every day life, the blade is simply energy in the shape of a blade. The edge is not honed and the energy simply passes through most things without harm. 



Arm Type: Shield

An oldie but a goody. The arms here are quite substantial. Large, broad walls of energy. The front view does not quite illustrate the depth of these arms as they are, in essence, shields. They function well to block ambient energies and directed energies. Those with shield style arms most often trend to calming presences. Protective presences. They also tend to trend into my pelvic classification in that they ground quite well. 

Looking closer at the arm, the energy channels are formed differently. They aren't so much cord or thread like channels but wide and broad avenues for energy to flow. The energy disperses into a very dense, highly interwoven fabric that reads to me as one of the most solid energetic bits one could have. These arms also do not overlay with the human anatomy and function independently from one's actual arms. They naturally seem to move to block waves of ambient muck and can tighten around the physical form so effectively that the individual might never sense anything like a psychic impression without becoming conscious and opening that shield a bit. 

You might also notice in our protective friend above that the arms do not connect into the torso like previous cases. They seem to hover and manifest and gently wrap around to the back of the individual. This, in my understand, is because the function of these arms is to block and also ground. The torso isn't the seat of this and it is more often the pelvic energy centers. Energy forms do not need to connect like our own, physical bodies do. The power of these arms manifests from the root/pelvis areas of the subtle body and if they were to connect into the torso, might risk throwing the body off balance. It is why they are not hard lined into the center flow structures, in my opinion.


There are countless types of arms and I have covered only three broad categories here. I hope some of the odd shapes and forms make a bit more sense now and if you have any questions on your energy body, feel free to send me any questions. Have a fantastic day or evening and be kind to each other.