AetherBody - Visual Lexicon

I often get asked what all the crazy colors and shapes mean in reference to my energy portraits. The long and short of it is that it can be fluid and change depending on dozens of factors. That answer, however, isn't very useful. Instead I've decided to break down a quick guide on the basic meanings of the colors and shapes and what they consistently mean. I've done this long enough to know there will always be exceptions to the rule and if that is the case? I'll certainly let you know. Now! On to the guide!



Some of you might recognize the above image. It is my take on the quintessential chakra map. You can learn more about chakras here. While I believe in energy centers through the body, I find that most people are not cookie cutters of this format. There is a lot of movement and change through an individual's body which deviates from this idealized alignment. Color, however? Now that resonated.



Color in my energy body drawings typically falls on a particular scale. Like the image above, it is a rainbow spectrum from red to violet. Within that spectrum, I group the colors into threes with overlaps. I describe these groups most often as Warrior, Counselor, and Priest. This triad of words is lifted directly from the teachings of House Kheperu, founded by Michelle Belanger. Much of my language has come from Michelle's work and if you are interested in learning more about the castes in Kheprian teachings you should check out: The Psychic Energy Codex or The Psychic Vampire Codex for more information. 

In short, Warriors are protectors and natural grounders. Counselors are empaths and natural confidants and communicators. Priests are highly sensitive and strong will workers.

  • Warriors: Red, Orange, and Yellow are typically more grounded people. Lower energy. Calm. Protectors.
  • Counselors: Yellow, Green, and Blue are empathic people. Vibrant energy and able to easily connect.
  • Priests: Blue, Violet, Pinks are people with strong wills. Force of mind and force of higher self.

Sometimes the color and the caste do not align. Sometimes people are very much between two of the color groups. That's where the overlapping can be interesting but for the purpose of this post - we'll get into the nuances later.

Color intensity shows how strong a core or pathway is. The more towards white in my art, the more dense the energy. The closer to shadow, and the less dense.

Does black show up in my art? Yes. It does and it is an interesting thing to see. Sometimes black means that the energy form is in a sort of stasis or sleeping. Lots of black may mean that there might be a lack of spiritual awakening or practice. Sometimes black is just a high contrast in frequency. The stark contrast reads as darkness. Very rarely, black is indicative of something not of your form such as attachments.


I'll now go over some common things found in many energy forms. I'm going to break it up between head, torso, and pelvis.



Above is an energy portrait 'head' and it can look a bit intense. Many of the energy centers I draw are nestled into layers of shapes that resemble flowers with petals. The petals can open and close. When the petals close, it condenses the energy inside, spinning it faster and strengthening it. Those petals also function as protective layers. In my lexicon, the state of the petals and the intensity of the energy point determine how active that energy center might be. The petals and shapes are simply how my brain interpret the information present. They are not actual petals. No, your energy form isn't a long stem of peculiar roses or carnations. That would be cool and I'll let you know if I ever come across one of those.

People who have a more active head area also fall into that 'priest' category. Complex heads are people with strong wills. They are natural leaders in some cases or deep thinkers. They tend to be more psychic as far as sensing. They can come off as being not all there at times because they are easily distracted by their own thoughts and input from the environment around them.

What about those strange floating orb things to either side? I describe these as sensory orbs or organs. They function in a manner that relays information and capable of moving away from the form to investigate things around the main body. They pick up other energies and patterns. If you have one or dozens of these, you might be particularly sensitive. 

What is that lightning coming from the top of the head? Well, some people have a deep connection with a higher power. Often, this can manifest to me like tendrils or lightning that move up and out of the head. Sometimes, this pattern is just manifestation of a person's will. 

Also note, that what you see above is more like a cross section of what I'm actually seeing. The shapes and colors are in constant motion and highly apt to change. I modify my vision as best I can to deliver it in a way that makes some remote sense. 




Moving down, we get to the torso. This is generally the area many people house the bulk of their energy. It usually shines the brightest here and the petals are larger, thicker, and can be set in nestled layers. The torso is an area where many parts of the form connect into. The head connects into the torso generally through a main channel or a couple of main channels. The torso connects down into the pelvis area similarly. The arms, typically, only show up when in a body. They manifest in unique ways and serve their own purposes which I'll get into in another post.

People who have a more active torso fall into the 'counselor' category more often than not. They tend to be very empathic and aware of the emotions of those around them. It can be overwhelming at times when this area is very open. Seeing as the torso is the seat of many connections, it lends those who have strength here to be able to connect well with others. Strangers might find themselves telling details of their life without being asked. People naturally gravitate towards counselors. Those with more complicated torsos also can make great mediators and confidants with their ability to sense and understand deep and complex emotion.

Notice how this person has a double chamber? The energy core in the torso has its petals with an area around with another layer of petals. The gap between can hold extra energy. This person in particular has great potential to bring that energy up towards the head for more insight and intuition or to amp up their empathic abilities at their heart. The extra and excess can also move down to ground away or vent out into the area around the body.




Here we have the pelvis (and legs). The torso is the floor muscle of the energetic form and generally helps keep the system stable. It is also a key component in the process of grounding. Grounding is when you take the excess energies in your body and expel them. Most commonly it is done through the pelvis and down the legs into the ground itself, thus the term grounding. There are other ways to ground which I like to term as 'venting' but that is a discussion for another day. 

People who are pelvis heavy are typically in that 'warrior' classification. Naturally calm people who's calm can reach out to those around them. With their pelvis being the most complex spot on their body, they tend to have a hard time sensing energy around them. What they gain, however, is instinct. They know in their gut that someone is up to no good without knowing the why. They can have instinctual abilities to know when a space is off or full of energy. Warrior types can also find themselves with people around them who need to calm down because those people are attracted to such grounded energy.

The above image isn't a warrior type but their pelvic energy center is wide open. The energy center is exposed. The channels down the legs are thin but plentiful and go down to vent out into the ground below. This person could ground even more strongly should they sit when grounding and is a suggestion I make to those with trouble in grounding. 


I think that covers the bare basics of my energy bodies. There is ample nuance and details I have left out which I will try and dig into in future posts. Arms, legs, extra bits. Oddities and colors. Disembodied and bodied. Even pets. If you have questions or comments please feel free to comment below or ask me over on twitter @Liabra. Before I go, don't forget: be kind to each other.