AetherBodyArt is the home of Cat Rogers and her intuitive work at the crossroads of body and soul.

There's more to see when you start looking closer.


Long Distance Readings

Having your energy body drawn is easy with long distance readings. By using Skype or phone, you don't need to leave the comfort of your home. You can even watch Cat draw over Skype in real time making the experience extra personal.


Custom Art

Illustration and custom art pieces are available for commission. Altar pieces, posters, character design, and so much more. From the metaphysical to the mundane, Cat can help you realize your thoughts into art.


Graphic Design

Need the touch of a professional designer? Cat Rogers specializes in promotional marketing and branding design. Need branded apparel, products, or event marketing? Cat has you covered.

Where the metaphysical and mundane meet.


Energy body portraits are intuitive art renditions of your portrait. Cat strives to capture what some have called 'soul portraits' that go well beyond simple auras. Each individual portrait captures the nuances of how your energy interacts within your body and with the world around you. As she records, she explains. Book an appointment today.



Portraits from Events


Below you can find a few of the portraits Cat has done through the years. The style grows and shifts. The art and energy ever changing. What do all those pretty shapes and colors mean? Check over on the blog for insights into how Cat reads energy and where she explains her lexicon of visual vocabulary.


Juliana Atteberry.jpg

Ideas are not limited to thoughts alone.


Custom art, commissions, portraits, and fun pieces are just a conversation away. Cat is excellent at taking your idea and creating something perfectly attuned to your desires. It isn't limited to energy body portraits, either. Pet portraits, original and personal characters, or even your table top character you've built over time. Want an altar piece of your deity? A portrait of your mom, child, grandfather? All and more.


Celestial Anatomy.jpg
unnamed (2).jpg

Meeting your professional printing needs.


Do you need a logo? How about some cool marketing products for an event? Do you run conventions or fundraisers and need Tee shirts with eye catching art and a sponsor back? All of that and more is within your grasp with Cat working on your team. Take a look at some of the amazing things she has done so far!