Inktober Day 10


Poltergeists are an interesting topic given the amount of paranormal history associated with them. My favored explanation of the phenomenon is less active spirit or ghost and more emotional manifestation. In most cases, the events center around a particular person and they usually have some sort of emotional or mental trauma or instability. It doesn’t explain all cases, of course. It wouldn’t be paranormal if it was so easily explained.

Inktober Day 9


The Buveur de Reve was an idea that I have long held in my mind. A creature capable of consuming and subsisting off of the stuff of dreams. It would then make sense for the person to have dreamless sleep, given that the dream was siphoned away. I likened it more to a fae type creature here, mostly to loosely tie into the themes I’m running, but in my own personal lore they are more like that of a succubus or night hag. Terrifying and oddly alluring.

Inktober Day Eight


The Fille Rouge is a blend of a few different folklore stories mixed with the common notion of bride-to-be becoming bridezilla. The lore aspect to this piece is the peculiar sighting of a woman in her bridal gown walking through an isolated cemetery with what seemed to be her face destroyed. I first heard this story here in Louisiana but while staying in Georgia, I heard a similar tale with the slant of a mourning bride over her fallen civil war fiance. She became so frantic, in that telling, that she clawed off her face before dying and wanders in search of him.

Inktober Day Six


The Rougarou is another Cajun folklore creature. They are often considered werewolves but they have many peculiar lore bits attached to them. Curses are used to explain the creature, one being that once you are bitten you are a rougarou for a year and a day with the next person you bite after the time is up becoming the next. There are also many many maaany ways to protect against them. The format here doesn’t do them justice and I encourage you to research the lore because it is fascinating. Another method of keeping them away which I love is placing pebbles, coins, or beans along the edge of the door in the number 13. Supposedly, the rougarou can only count to 12 and the 13th piece causes the rougarou to become confused and count again, wasting the night away until dawn when it retreats back into the swamps.

Inktober Day Four


This monster spawned from the ‘devil on your shoulder’ and the turmoil with our current political sideshow. It is also a commentary on depression and dark thoughts. They are intrusive and sneak into your brain despite yourself. Granted, if depression was banished with salt over the shoulder, then I think we would all be in ankle deep salt.

Art Blog: Inktober Day Two


Custode Macante is a mix of things I was taught as a child and a fun creature to explain away why curious articles of clothing go missing. My mother always told me that when something was lost to pray to St. Anthony. It is also a practice to give food offerings to the fae and other fae like creatures. The food doesn’t ‘banish’ the entity but certainly calms and appeases them.

Art Blog: Inktober

Some of you may have heard of Inktober. Starting on the 1st of October and running through until the 31st, every day a challenger draws an ink drawing. It was designed as a fun way to practice and has evolved into a beloved annual event to artists everywhere. In years previous, I have participated in it with my goal for personal experimentation. This year, however, I’ve decided to do something a bit more fun!

My Inktober 2018 goal was to draw creatures and monsters. Some of these are old folklore tales with a focus on local color native to my beloved New Orleans and surrounding areas, some of them are purely based on my own creative monster making and others are things that I think are plausible things that exist.

Now, I’ve waited until a week in to start posting them here. You can go sneak peaks at all of them on my Instagram (@Siscree) or my twitter (@Liabra).

Inktober Day One


The Occhi Nell’Angolo is in part based off of an old story my grandma told me and part based in things I have experienced within the paranormal community. While it looks quite scary, think of these things more as accumulated darkness and stagnant energy. They certainly do not creepy crawl down and attack anyone, but they do have a strange penchant for making a place feel watched and paranoid.