Inktober Day Six


The Rougarou is another Cajun folklore creature. They are often considered werewolves but they have many peculiar lore bits attached to them. Curses are used to explain the creature, one being that once you are bitten you are a rougarou for a year and a day with the next person you bite after the time is up becoming the next. There are also many many maaany ways to protect against them. The format here doesn’t do them justice and I encourage you to research the lore because it is fascinating. Another method of keeping them away which I love is placing pebbles, coins, or beans along the edge of the door in the number 13. Supposedly, the rougarou can only count to 12 and the 13th piece causes the rougarou to become confused and count again, wasting the night away until dawn when it retreats back into the swamps.